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Pitching Clinics for U10 and younger

CAYSA Parents:


CAYSA will be conducting pitching and catching clinics this month for any one ages 12 and under.


WHY?  The hardest skill for young girls to learn is to throw strikes on a consistent basis.  Without strikes, the games devolve into just standing around watching batters walk and advance on the base paths by subsequent walks.  If strikes are thrown, then the ball can be put into play, the fielders get to field and throw and everyone has more FUN!


These clinics will help young players get an introduction into basic pitching fundamentals; so they can then practice proper pitching mechanics and start throwing strikes on a regular basis.


There will be 3 clinics in April. The clinics begin THIS WEDNESDAY, April 10 from 6 pm until 7:30 pm at the Augusta Armory.  The remaining two clinics will be April 25 and April 30 same times and location.


The cost per clinic is $10 per clinic for pitchers; free for catchers.


Coaches are also strongly encouraged to attend to pick up on some pointers to coach pitching.


USA Softball Player Age Calculator Info

**** Please note USA Age Chart for the 2024 Season **** 

If you have questions, please make sure you are at evaluations and we will be happy to address them there.  CAYSA does NOT set the age for the divisions, these are set nationally by USA Softball.....  

To avoid late registration fee, please register prior to the late fee date even if you have questions regarding age or anything else and we can address those questions after.  If you hold off registering until after the late registration fee date, there will be a late fee. 


****Please click the link and enter the player's birthdate or you can refer to the chart.  These are the dates we use when aligning players to divisions. ****


Here is a link to the Age Calculator site on USA Softball.



2024  House Registrations are now open!!!!   Please click the link above to register for house league.


CAYSA Winter Clinics at the Augusta Armory:


Age Calculator

USA Softball Player Age Eligibility Calculator:

Click the link below and enter your player's birth date and it will show the correct age division eligibility for your player.

2024 USA Age Eligibility Chart

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Capital Area Youth Softball Association (CAYSA)


CAYSA is a youth USA Softball affiliated softball organization that provides an opportunity for girls from the Central Maine area to learn and play softball.  CAYSA is also home of the Mainiacs travel softball teams

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